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My Story

My life is a sum total of the aspirations, fears, hopes and, generally, contributions by my family and community. I have endeavored to continuously avail myself as a vessel through which people close to my heart can achieve results. My modest achievements would never have been if people didn't want to achieve through me. I am driven by the need to improve lives. I am one extremely blessed person. I feel obliged to pass that down to those who need it. It is very fulfilling to impact lives. People have so much potential in them which largely remains untapped. Organizations have opportunities that remain just that. This country has so much latent wealth. I believe that if we pull together we can achieve a lot more for ourselves and for the country

I grew up in the beautiful countryside of Meru, Kenya. My parents are devoted Methodists and strict disciplinarians. I actually credit who I am today to this discipline.

I have a PhD in Entrepreneurship, a Master of Science degree in Entrepreneurship, a Bachelor of Business Administration (1st class honors) degree and a Diploma in Small Enterprise Management attained from Galilee College, Israel. I have also been trained in Johannesburg, South Africa, Shanghai, China and Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am currently a deputy commissioner at Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). Previously I served as the director of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology – Mombasa campus and a senior lecture in the college of human resource development. While in the university I taught at various levels all the way to PhD for a total of 12 years. I also conducted consulting assignments for various companies and organizations in over 6 countries prior to joining Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). Currently I head the academics and student’s affair division in the Kenya School of Revenue Administration (KESRA) at Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). I have undertaken Consultancy and training tasks with organizations such as JICA, Ministry of Industrialization, Consumer International, FAULU Kenya, East African Breweries Limited, Kenya Education Staff Institute, Kenya Coconut Development Authority and Githunguri Dairy Farmers Cooperative Society who process Fresh milk, among others.

I have published more than 20 research papers in refereed journals. and four books

I, also, have personal and social sides. I love good life. When I am not working I go out a lot in the evenings with my lovely wife Grace and my friends. I also love playing with my daughters Angela and Ivanna - to these little girls I am just Daddy and their best friend, nothing more. When my profession and my status in society creep some ego into my life, they pull all that down when I see them in the evening by reminding me that I am just Daddy. Grace, Angela and Ivanna are my stabilizers. Finally, God, my family and my friends are my greatest pillars. Without them I am naught.

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